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What is an Executive Concierge & How Can You Use One?

Only so many hours in a day……

Personal Concierge, Executive Concierge, Lifestyle Management Services

When was the last time you felt "caught up"?

When was the last time you felt “caught up”? In a world that just keeps getting busier, time has become our most precious non-renewable resource. When we are pulled in all directions, it feels impossible to truly focus on who and what matters most. C-suite executives, elite entrepreneurs and business owners, high-profile community leaders and involved stay-at-home moms get it all done by relying on the help of executive concierge and personal lifestyle management services.

So exactly what is an executive concierge?

The word “concierge” is often associated with hotels where personal guest services and arrangements are made at the concierge desk. Recently, the concierge industry has expanded outside of the hotel world with the advent of the “personal” or “executive” concierges who provides customized in-person and virtual lifestyle support services. By building a connection and a long-term relationship, a personal concierge gets to know each client and tailors services to meet unique needs and preferences. A concierge is much more than your typical delivery or assistance service because we not only cross things off of your to-do list, we proactively anticipate needs and offer solutions because we’ve invested time in building a relationship with you.

How can a HUM concierge help you?

At HUM Executive Concierge Agency, we pride ourselves on simplifying the chaos, reducing stress and improving the quality of our clients’ lives. We tackle the projects, the errands, the paperwork and all the things that steal your energy and your focus. Services range from picking up prescriptions and dry-cleaning, making travel arrangements, checking on your home and pets while you’re away, moving and relocation coordination to business event supervision, executive support, VIP client services, corporate gifting and so much more.

Whether you’re running a corporation, a business, an organization or a busy home, we’re here to provide that valuable “extra pair of hands” to handle the tasks that eat up your valuable time. Whether we’re waiting on the cable guy, supervising a renovation project or tracking down the perfect talent show costume for your second-grader’s entire class, you’ll have a trusted partner by your side handling life’s details, freeing you up to focus your time and attention on who and what matters most.

How can we make your life HUM?

Contact HUM Executive Concierge Agency today to learn more about our services!


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