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Elite Corporate Services

At HUM, we understand the pressure and time demands of high-level corporate positions. We also understand your organization’s desire to support the wellbeing and work/life balance of valuable employees. 

Our elite executive concierge services offer your organization an exceptional employee benefit. When you give the "luxury of time", you are supporting your leaders and key team players, eliminating stress points, and allowing them to bring their best energy and focus to their work. 

Here our just a few of the ways our corporate clients use HUM Concierge Corporate Services to support their greatest asset - their people:

  • Recruiting Incentive
    What better way to make your offer stand out from the crowd than by offering 10-15 hours of personal concierge services to help your candidate and his/her family settle in to a new city, a new position or simply make the transition easier.

  • Employee Rewards Program
    Employee stress and burn-out rates are at an all time high.  Adding HUM Concierge services to your Employee Mental Wellness offerings will directly address these struggles and reduce that stress.

  • In-house Concierge Desk
    Having an on-site concierge desk is one of the ultimate internal company perks, but most companies can't afford to staff a desk full-time or even part-time. HUM's concierge team solves that problem by manning that desk only on certain days and during certain hours.

Our services are also available as part of your VIP Client Program. Giving your best clients "the luxury of time" is the very best way to show how much you appreciate their business.

Below are just a few of the corporate services we offer.  We pride ourselves on customizing our solutions to meet any challenge, so if you don't see it listed here, just ask!

Special Personal Services Packages

These special packages are perfect for gifting to your best clients and for recognizing, gifting and supporting your valuable team members. 

  • Home Waiting Package - includes up to 4 hours of service.You have a plumber, electrician, the cable guy or any other service technician coming to your home and you just can’t be there. A package is being delivered and it must have a signature, but you have to be at work. We've got it covered.

  • Get Well Package - includes 4 hours of service
    When your hardest working executive is feeling under the weather, we can help. Services include prescription pick-up, shopping for essentials (think: tissues, juice, chicken soup, etc.). We’ll even deliver a bouquet of flowers or balloons to let them know you care


  • Movers Package - includes 8 hours of service
    A new home awaits your newest team member, but so does all of the other things that go along with moving. We can help to pack or unpack, shop to stock their refrigerator and pantry, and even deliver meals until we get their kitchen set-up.


  • Shopping DONE Package - includes 4 hours of service
    During your team's most intense projects, finding time to shop can be a challenge. We can handle it - whether they need help purchasing that “perfect gift”, stocking up on necessities or returning/exchanging items. We'll even include a note from you, thanking them for their hard work.


  • New Parent Package - includes 6 hours of service
    Becoming a new parent can be stressful  Between feedings, diaper changes and trying to get some sleep, there's  little time for errands, chores and meal preparation. Show your support by letting us help with grocery shopping, setting up appointments, picking up meals so they can relax and enjoy their new addition.


  • Home Check Package - includes 5 visits of service
    Business travel is stressful enough without worrying about  taking care of things at home. Our "Home Check" package is the perfect way to handle the details so your team can be at their best on the road. We'll bring in mail and newspapers, water plants, rotate blinds,  curb trash and recycling, and meet service providers. We’ll even take care of your small pet too!


  • Senior Care Package - includes 4 hours of service per month
    Caring for an aging loved one can be time-consuming, distracting and stressful. Offer your support by gifting our Senior Care Package.  We gladly lend a helping hand to seniors as they maintain their autonomy and safety either in their own home, or other living facility. We can assist with errands, personal needs, and even bill paying

Package prices are for hours of service only and up to 25 miles of total travel. The cost of items purchased are the responsibility of the client.


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