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Personal Services

When was the last time you felt "caught up"? When was the last time you checked everything off of your to do list? Spent relaxed time with friends and family? Read a book? With the world spinning faster and faster, our list of tasks, errands and other obligations can consume all of our time, leaving no downtime for you to rest, relax and recharge.

Let HUM take some things off of your plate so you can focus on who and what matters most to you and brings you joy.


Whether you need short term or long-term assistance, we are here to support you as you design the way you want to spend your most precious resource - your time.  Let's get started today.

Below are just a few of the ways we can serve you.  We pride ourselves on finding the solution to any challenge, so if you don't see it listed here, just ask!

Special Personal Services Packages

  • Home Waiting Package - includes up to 4 hours of service.
    You have a plumber, electrician, the cable guy or any other service technician coming to your home and you just can’t be there. A package is being delivered and it must have a signature, but you have to be at work. We've got it covered.


  • Get Well Package - includes 4 hours of service
    Whether you or someone you know is feeling under the weather, we can help. Services include prescription pick-up, shopping for essentials (think: tissues, juice, chicken soup, etc.). We’ll even deliver a bouquet of flowers or balloons to let them know you care


  • Movers Package - includes 8 hours of service
    Your new home awaits you, but so do all of the other things that go along with moving. We can help pack or unpack, shop to stock your refrigerator and pantry, and even deliver meals until we have your kitchen set up.


  • Shopping DONE Package - includes 4 hours of service
    No time to shop? Do you dread waiting in lines for returns and exchanges? Need help purchasing that “perfect gift”? Don’t despair…We’ll make those important purchases for you…and even wrap them too!


  • New Parent Package - includes 6 hours of service
    Just had a new baby? If feedings and diaper changes leave you little time for errands and chores, we can help! Some of the services offered include grocery shopping, setting up appointments, and picking up meals.


  • Home Check Package - includes 5 visits of service
    Headed out of town? Let us look after things while you're gone. This includes bringing in mail and newspapers, watering plants, curbing trash and recycling, and meeting any service providers. We’ll even take care of your small pet too!


  • Senior Care Package - includes 4 hours of service per month
    We can help support the needs of your aging loved one. We will gladly help your senior maintain their autonomy and safety either in their own home, or other living facility. We can assist with errands, personal needs, and even bill paying

Package prices are for hours of service only, up to 25 miles of total travel. The cost of items purchased are the responsibility of the client.

These packages are also a popular and welcome gift.


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