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The Elevated Edit: ELEVATE Your 2024

We're three weeks in to the start of 2024 and I already feel like I'm trying to hold a tiger by the tail. How about you?  


Exciting new opportunities for HUM to grow and expand the way we serve our amazing clients and our community as a whole are on the horizon. When so much is coming at us all at once, it's critical to have filters in place that help us stay focused. 


One of the filters I'm using for HUM is our Word of the Year - ELEVATE.  It's no surprise this is our word since it's part of our tagline, but using it as a filter really helps us stay focused on the things that are for us and say “no” to the things that aren't.


Knowing what to say “No” to is a superpower.


Choosing a Word of the Year is a fun exercise.  I start thinking about it in November. “What do I want the throughline of next year to be?”  (FYI -my word for 2023 was “EVOLVE” as I shut down my corporate consulting practice and launched HUM Concierge.)


(Do you have a word of the year? I'd love to hear it!)


By choosing ELEVATE as our throughline, not only do I get a filter, I'm giving permission to the entire HUM team to double down on hard-baking this idea into everything we do.  


We're Elevating 2024


What does that look like? Our goal this year is to make interacting with HUM an elevated experience - whether you're a client, a strategic partner or someone we're meeting for the very first time.


We also want to inspire others to elevate their own lives.  There are so many simple ways to elevate everyday moments that don't take a lot of time. (The Elevated Edit is our vehicle for doing more of this.)  Here are just a few ideas:

  • Fresh flowers.  Keep fresh flowers on your desk or on the table.  Lily's are my favorite because you can get them at the grocery store and they make the whole room smell divine.

  • Classical music. Play it in the background at whatever volume works for you.  Listening to classical music is scientifically proven to improve brain function.

  • Delicious food.  Cooking elevates the sense and, as the recipe for Mushroom Risotto below proves, delicious can be healthy and simple to prepare.

Want more ideas? In our newsletter, we share we're reading, cooking and loving right now that bring a little more beauty and a little more sanity to our world.



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