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The HUM Concierge Rolodex

One of the biggest value-adds HUM Concierge brings to the table is our rolodex of service providers who elevate our clients' lives in so many ways!

I realize some of you aren't old enough to know what a real rolodex actually looks like, so here's a pic of what we used to keep track of all of our professional contacts back in the day. :-)

Who do you call?

At HUM, we consider ourselves professional problem-solvers. We have a vast skillset on our team so we can respond to almost anything our clients request. But, there are some things we don't do, and that's where our rolodex comes in.

Who's in our rolodex?

Well, we aren't going to name names because those are reserved for our clients. However, to give you an idea, here are just a few of the contacts you'll find in there:

  • The greatest handyman in all of Birmingham (couldn't run HUM Concierge without him)

  • Two fabulous professional chefs

  • The masseuse who works on the rockstars when they come to town (and makes house-calls!)

  • Two amazing housecleaning services

  • The best dogwalker

  • The nurse practitioner who prefers to make house calls

  • The only person in Birmingham who knows how to repair antique leaded glass

  • Plumbers, electricians, and a great masonry guy.

How do they get in there?

The HUM Concierge Rolodex

This is where we differ from a lot of companies who make referrals. First, no one is in there that I have not personally met. Second, no one is in there who doesn't have me and/or people I personally know on their list of happy customers. Third (and most important), no one is in there because they give us a referral fee. HUM does not accept them. Why? Because we only want the best in our rolodex, not the ones who pay us the biggest referral fees. (FYI - If anyone does happen to offer us a referral fee, we ask them to turn it into a discount for our clients.)

What's the process?

When a client needs something outside HUM's scope, the first place we look is our rolodex. We also ask our trusted contacts for recommendations. We come back with some options for the client to consider and they make the choice (not us). While we provide the introduction and will meet them to do the work if needed, the relationship - and the bill - is always between our client and the service provider. We've found that this keeps the transaction transparent and clean, which makes everyone happy.

Our clients absolutely love having access to the HUM Rolodex because it saves them so much time and headache trying to find someone who does the thing they desperately need to have done!

If this sounds like something that could reduce the stress and overwhelm in your life, HUM would love to be of service. The link to connect with us is below. We look forward to making your life HUM!!

HUM Concierge. Your Life. Elevated.

Connect with us here to schedule a conversation and learn more.


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