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Things We Love Thursday!!

I'm so excited about adding this series to The HUM Edit Blog! This where I'll share HUM's favorite things for making life run more smoothly and more beautifully.

First up is my beloved Instant Pot. I'm a single mom with a very busy household plus I'm running a successful business. Cooking for my family is a very high priority on my list, but where to find the time??

Enter the Instant Pot. I use this thing at least twice a week. It takes frozen solid chicken to moist deliciousness in 30 minutes. There are easy, healthy recipes all over the internet, so you can just throw a bunch of things in there and POOF! You have a great, healthy meal for everyone to enjoy together or grab as their schedules allow. Serious game-changer that cuts way down on fast-food drive thrus.

Next is the paper Day Designer Planner. Yes, I said paper. Paper stares at you all day and priorities stay front and center.

In my experience working with c-suite execs in my former career, one of the biggest stressors I saw was time chaos. Overlapping commitments, forgotten appointments, and failure to put hard time boundaries around important personal events where just a few of the things that could reduce a powerful executive into a puddle of tears.

I use this first thing every single day to check my calendar, make my to do list for the day (both personally and professionally) and block my time. Does it work perfectly 100% of time? No. But the very act of writing things down makes it work better than any electronic system I've ever used. A friend of mine calls it "a net for catching days" and I couldn't agree more.

Last, but not least, I love keeping beautiful note cards, stamps and a favorite pen close at hand on my desk for writing quick notes to people. These were a gift from a good friend who knew I would love sending them.

Hand-written notes are, for me, one of the most beautiful things in life. They don't have to long or formal. Just a few sentences "Hey I was thinking about you." or "It was so nice to meet you." or "Thank you for making time for me." is all it takes to unexpectedly brighten someone's day.

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