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HUM Concierge
Home Away Services

Imagine coming home from vacation and not having "a million things to do" because you've been gone.  Instead, those things get handled while you're away, so you arrive home rested, relaxed, and ready to focus on the week ahead.

Less stress? Yes, please!

If this sounds better than that creeping feeling of dread as you pull into the driveway because your massive to-do list is waiting, read on.  HUM Concierge has you covered.

HUM Personal Concierge Birmingham Home Check.jpeg

With HUM Concierge, you get away from it all and never worry about a thing.

Whether you're gone for a few days, a week, or longer, we have a Home Watch package that meets your needs perfectly.

Our Basic Daily Concierge Home Watch Package includes:

  • Complete home walk through on every visit

  • Bringing in mail, packages, newspapers and fliers

  • Watering indoor plants

  • Raising and lowering blinds

  • Changing up the lights

  • Caring for your small, indoor pet

  • ​Curbing trash and recycling​

Optional add-ons (for an additional fee) include:

  • Service provider coordination

  • Dog Walking

  • Grocery re-stock prior to return

  • Outdoor garden care

  • Errand services (dry-cleaning/prescription pick-up, library book/in-store/Amazon returns, etc.)

  • Shipping and mailing

  • And more - just ask!


Pricing is based on a number of factors, including property type, number of days, number of visits and selected services. Connect with us today to discuss your specific needs.

HUM Concierge. How can we make your life HUM?

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