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Relaxing Vacations Ahead with this Pre-Departure Game Plan!

It’s time for the first long vacation of the year – Spring Break!

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Enjoy your time away with a great pre-departure game plan

Juggling the travel arrangements, the planning and the packing is just the start of the list of things you’ve got to do to get ready. Don’t stress! I’ve got some great tips that you can follow as part of your pre-trip checklist, so when you depart, you’re ready to relax and enjoy your time away. The secret is to start with a clear game plan, so you aren’t scrambling at the last minute, hoping you remembered to take care of everything.

15 Things To Do Before You Depart

  • Stop your mail.

  • Turn off the water.

  • Turn off the heat/AC.

  • Unplug appliances.

  • Leave a few strategic lights on.

  • Toss food that will go to waste.

  • Empty the trash.

  • Set up your pets at a daycare facility or with a pet sitter.

  • Lock your car in a safe place.

  • Make sure your sprinklers are working or have someone water your plants for you.

  • Ask your gardener to bring the garbage bins in.

  • Bring in all outdoor pillows and furniture.

  • Check all the doors and windows to be sure they are locked.

  • Set your house alarm and notify your home security system company about your travels.

  • Notify your bank/credit card company about your destination so you can keep using your card.

Once you’ve taken care of the above, think about who’s going to take care of your home when you’re out of town. If you don’t have anyone who can help, we’d love to be of service.

Home Away or Vacation Concierge Services is one of our most popular offerings.

We give our HUM Concierge clients peace of mind when they travel because they know that their homes and pets are cared for. And if you dread coming home from vacation because of the back pile of “to-dos”, we can help with that, too.

Some of the tasks we handle with this service can include:

  • Daily Home Visits (including a full home walk through)

  • Bring In Mail & Packages

  • Curb Trash & Recycling

  • Raise/Lower Blinds

  • Change Up Lights

  • Water Indoor Plants

  • Small Indoor Pet Care

  • Service Provider Coordination

  • Dog Walking

  • Errands & Returns

  • Grocery Re-Stock

  • Outdoor Garden Watering

  • Shipping & Mailing

  • And MORE!

How would it feel to pull in the driveway knowing that no surprises were waiting for you and that your to-do list got checked off while you were gone? Talk about returning relaxed and refreshed!

No matter how you decide to handle your home care during vacation, I hope you’ll use – and share – the pre-departure list I shared above. Peace of mind is priceless when you’re enjoying time with those who matter most.

Have a great time!

HUM Concierge. How can we make your life HUM?

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